Dealergate Number Crunching: Looking at US Dealership Political Donations

Here comes a first look at the US Car Dealership political donations:
Car dealership owners donated to Republicans over Democrats by a ratio of 76% to 24%

So if dealership owners donate more to the GOP by a ratio of 76% to 24%…
How exactly does a major democratic donor like Lithia Motors lose just two of 29 dealerships and gain 5 more?

Car dealership owners gave donated more cash during the 2004 election cycle than the 2008 election cycle

Via Open Secrets
Do you suppose the dealerships would have donated more in 2008 if they would have seen the Hope and Change that was ahead?
Hat Tip NDT

So what does this data tell us?
It shows that more of the small business owners were Republicans.
We still need to see some figures on how many GOP-donating dealers were closed compared to Dem-donating dealers.
And, it would be helpful to see how many of those closed dealerships were profitable.
Hopefully we will get that information soon.

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