Bang! Bang! GOP Fires on Pelosi in New Spy Ad

Liar Pelosi takes on the CIA with the theme song from 1964’s Goldfinger playing in the background in the latest GOP ad.
As Darleen Click says, “Hillarious!”
No wonder the Far Left is hyperventilating.
They say it’s sexist:

The Far Left is outraged because they say the ad compares Pelosi to Pussy Galore, a character from Goldfinger.
The opening camera-aperture shot and theme music are from Dr. No.
But, it was a nice try.

To the Left:
Comparing Pelosi to a 007 character— Outrageous!
The fact that she lied about top secret documents, played politics with national security and repeatedly smeared the CIA as liars— OK.

And, of course, this is the same bunch of loons who were silent during the Left’s continual battering of Sarah Palin.
Legal Insurrection calls this Hypocrisy Galore.

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