US Officer Serving In Iraq Speaks Out In Support of Tea Party Protests

Thanks to our men and women in the military, today there is democracy in Iraq.
Today there is Victory in Iraq.
And, of course, this would not have been possible without the leadership of George W. Bush and the GOP members in Congress who did not give up on the people of Iraq.

Iraqi school children, sporting new backpacks given out by coalition forces, pose for their picture on Oct. 9, 2008, in Al Haay, Iraq. The event was part of Al Haay Day, which encompassed a medical evaluation, Iraqi press conference, school book distribution and Joint Security Station site assessment, all of which helped to establish coalition presence in Al Haay. (Photo by Tech Sgt. Jeremy Caskey- MNF-Iraq)

I received this in my inbox today. It is from a young American hero serving in Baghdad. I thought I’d share his words of wisdom.
Also, I withheld his last name for privacy reasons:


I am a 25-yr old Army officer currently serving as a platoon leader in Baghdad, and in the past month or so your site has become a prime source of information for me. My 12-month deployment started in October, so I’ve been away for a while now. Since the inauguration, it has seemed like there has been more and more bad news each week – Administration or Congressional proposals every week that threaten our freedom, burden us with more taxes, or just tear more shreds in James Madison’s masterpiece, the Constitution. Your blog (along with Michelle Malkin, American Thinker, and Capitalism Magazine, to name a few) has helped in a big way to keep me abreast of events – not just the bad news but the things Americans are doing to expose and thwart the increasingly fascist measures of our government. Kudos for your efforts at disseminating information.

From your links and your posts, I would bet that you have read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. I read the book 5 years ago, and it had a tremendous impact, as it usually does. I’ve been increasingly disheartened in the past few months to see our country living out the most dire elements of the plot – the bailouts, the stimulus, the coercion of executives, the government nationalizing or talking about nationalizing industries or companies, the government firing a corporation’s chief executive. So, I’ve been quite encouraged by the Tea Party movement and the nationwide, grassroots backlash against big government. It gives me some hope for our country.

Spending a year of my life in this foreign land called Iraq has been highly educational and also developmental. It is a weird experience when the war is almost over, but not quite over. There is a dichotomy here among Iraqis – many are increasingly entrepreneurial and industrious, while some are downright lazy. Many expect America to solve all their problems. I attribute these latter two attitudes, at least in part, as effects of what happens when a society lives under an autocratic socialist government for a prolonged period of time. My sense of irony has piqued – as I’ve observed the long-term effects of socialism here, so many in my own country clamor for its further adoption.

As a member of the military and an officer at that, I am bound to keep my political activity limited, as I’m sure you know. That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t stay current on what is going on back home and send emails as a private citizen. I wish I could have attended a Tea Party, but it’s been great reading about them. Again, keep up the great work in getting the truth out there, informing, and hopefully stemming the socialist/fascist ideological tide. Thanks. Also, I can see you’re a big supporter of those of us in uniform. I appreciate it.


Thanks Jim and Godspeed.
Thank you for all you do for our still great nation.

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