Tapper & AP Scold Gibbs Over $100 Million Cut in Budget

Real Clear Politics reported: ABC’s Jake Tapper questioned Gibbs why the Obama administration was making a large deal over saving $100 million in his proposed budget when the administration pooh-poohed $8 billion in an appropriations bill several weeks ago.

In response, Robert Gibbs attacked them both.

Link: AP, Tapper Confront Obama Admin Over $100 Million


The AP scolded the Obama Administration today for the miniscule budget cuts:

The thrifty measures Obama ordered for federal agencies are the equivalent of asking a family that spends $60,000 in a year to save $6.

The president gave his Cabinet 90 days to find $100 million in savings to achieve over time.

For all the trumpeting, the effort raised questions about why Obama set the bar so low, considering that $100 million amounts to:

–Less than one-quarter of the budget increase that Congress awarded to itself.

–4 percent of the military aid the United States sends to Israel.

–Less than half the cost of one F-22 fighter plane.

–7 percent of the federal subsidy for the money-losing Amtrak passenger rail system.

–1/10,000th of the government’s operating budgets for Cabinet agencies, excluding the Iraq and Afghan wars and the stimulus bill.

This really must be bad.
Even the AP is bashing Obama for their piddley gesture.

The Berman Post has more on the bold Obama budget cuts.

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