Taliban Defend Whipping 17 Year-Old Girl… Say She Was Let Off Easy

The Taliban defended whipping the girl in Swat. They say she was let off easy…
She should have been stoned.

The Taliban flogged a 17 year-old girl in public for in Pakistan’s northwestern region of Swat, where Sharia law was introduced after the government reached a truce with the Taliban in February. The girl was reportedly seen in public with a man who was not her husband, a serious crime according to the Taliban.

They whipped her 34 times:
(Warning- Violent)

The Pakistani government expressed outrage over the flogging.
They called for the arrest of those responsible.
Good luck.

On the other hand, the Taliban defended the whipping.
They say she was let off easy. She should have been stoned.
The Daily Times reported:

Muslim Khan said the Taliban had handed out a ‘lenient’ punishment to the girl – suggesting she would have been stoned to death had a ‘serious view’ of the ‘crime’ been taken.

Samar Minallah – who works for a Pakistani human rights organisation – distributed the video given to her by people in Swat to the Western media. “The entire village knows she is innocent,” Samar told AFP. She told The Guardian that the flogging had taken place in the last 10 days.

Maybe this is the moderate Taliban Team Obama has been talking about?
…Those who whip women instead of stoning them.


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