St. Louis Tea Party Organizers Fight Back!… Demand Retraction From Local News Channel For Smearing Event

Bill Hennessey sends this press release following the smear yesterday reported on the local FOX Channel.
FOX 2 reported that the Constitution Party played a role in organizing the Tea Party Protest planned for tommorrow in St. Louis.
Not true.


The St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party scheduled for Kiener Plaza at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday April 15, was organized wholly by Bill Hennessy, a blogger, Dana Loesch, a blogger and talk radio host, and a small number unaffiliated volunteers. Nationally, tea party coordination is conducted through DontGo Movement in Chicago, Top Conservatives on Twitter in Nashville, and Smart Girl Politics in Atlanta.

The Constitution Party played no role in the planning, preparation, promotion, or funding of the event. Any statements to the contrary, such as the defamatory and false report broadcast by a local television station on April 13, are patently untrue.

The report by Charles Jaco of Fox 2 claims that something called the Constitution Party played a major role in organizing the St. Louis event. That claim is absolutely false. The Missouri Constitution Party’s web site does not claim to have organized or sponsored the St. Louis event. Moreover, Jaco offered no evidence or sources for his false claim of Constitution Party sponsorship of the St. Louis event.

Jaco did not contact the actual organizers prior to filing the report.

The St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party organizers and participants demand immediate, on-air retraction of the story and an overt apology to our organizers and participants for this unethical, erroneous, and defamatory smear.

Bill Hennessy ([email protected])
Dana Loesch ([email protected])

UPDATE: Onan from Atlanta sent this opposing view in the email:

I am a loyal reader of your blog (and often link to it from my meager blog…, but was surprised when reading you recent post about Fox News’ bungling of the St. Louis tea party.

There should be outrage at the naming of the Constitution Party as an “extremist” group. As a member of the Georgia state Constitution party I can tell you that we are far from extreme, as we stand on the values that the Republican Party pays lipservice to. I am anti-tax, anti-war, anti-government. I identify with conservatives in that I am a Christian who believes that many of the social programs of the left are immoral and unadvisable.

I love your site and often agree wholeheartedly with (hardly ever do i disagree)… but I was perturbed by the focus of your article being the lack of Constitution Party involvement in the St. Louis tea party. I thought the focus should have been on the egregious disservice the media (and the white house) has done by labeling the Constitution Party as extremeist.

I am not trying to be confrontational but I think that the focus should be shifted!

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