Obama Continues to Bush-Bash & Trash America In Istanbul

After Bashing the US & Bush For a Week Obama Promises “New Chapter In America”

Barack Obama’s nonstop Bush-bashing America-stomping tour of Europe continued in Turkey today.
Never have we seen a president on his first trip abroad be so disrespectful to his country or its history- ever.
His never ending regurgitation of meaningless campaign cliches is getting really old, too.
And, he’s been president less than 100 days.

Today in Turkey, after bashing the US for a week, Obama promised a “new chapter in America” with Muslims.
Obviously, the fact that America just liberated 50,000,000 Muslims from two of the most brutal regimes in history was not enough for Barack.

FOX News has the AP’s latest fluff piece on Obama’s disgraceful comments in Europe:

In a humble finish to his first foreign trip, President Barack Obama said that despite its flaws and past mistakes, the United States is poised for a “new chapter in American engagement” with Muslims and the rest of the world.

Calling for a greater understanding among nations, Obama said the United States needs to be more patient in its dealings with the world. And he said the rest of the world needs a better sense “that change is possible so we don’t have to always be stuck with the same arguments.”

Addressing college students in Turkey’s largest city, Obama rejected the stereotype that Americans are selfish and crass. “I’m here to tell you that’s not the country I know and not the country I love,” the president said. “America, like every other nation, has made mistakes and has its flaws, but for more than two centuries it has strived” to seek a more perfect union.

The students formed a tight circle around Obama, who slowly paced a sky-blue rug while answering their questions. He promised to wrap the session up before the Muslim call to prayer.

More Bush bashing:

The questions were polite and rarely bracing, though one student asked whether there was any real difference between his White House and the Bush administration. Obama cautioned that while he had great differences with Bush over issues such as Iraq and climate change, it takes time to change a nation as big as the United States.

“Moving the ship of state is a slow process,” he said.

Obama bashed Bush from one side Europe to the other.
He sounds more like a bitter spouse after a divorce than a great uniter.
This was just sick.
It’s no wonder he’s the most polarizing president of the last four decades and he’s been in office for less than 100 days.
Yet he’s too arrogant to understand how insulting his words are.

Freedom’s Lighthouse posted the entire 44 minute video.

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