Second Anniversary of Harry Reid's Surrender to Al Qaeda

Two years ago today, Democratic leader Harry Reid (D-NV) surrendered to Al-Qaeda in Iraq:

But, George Bush and Republicans did not listen to the white flag wavers.
Today there is a fledgling democracy in Iraq. Security has improved dramatically thanks to our military. There is victory in Iraq.

If Harry Reid would have had their way we would have surrendered Iraq to the terrorists.
If Barack Obama would have had his way not even genocide would have kept US troops in Iraq.

But, they didn’t get their way.
Instead, Iraq is free today.


President George W. Bush liberated 50 million people and brought victory to Iraq.

Iraqi school children, sporting new backpacks given out by coalition forces, pose for their picture on Oct. 9, 2008, in Al Haay, Iraq. The event was part of Al Haay Day, which encompassed a medical evaluation, Iraqi press conference, school book distribution and Joint Security Station site assessment, all of which helped to establish coalition presence in Al Haay. (Photo by Tech Sgt. Jeremy Caskey- MNF-Iraq)
Thank you, George W. Bush.

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