President Cry Baby Whines That Republicans Won't Vote For His Record Spending Bills (Video)

Poor President Cry Baby Obama.
Barack Obama cried to the press today because Republicans have not voted for his record spending bills.
Not a single House Republican voted for his historic and irresponsible spending bills this year:

Minority Leader John Boehner responded to Obama’s claims that he has reached out to the minority. Boehner says Republicans were invited to the White House to discuss their ideas in January but all of their proposals were shot down:

“We left the building with not one of our ideas implemented. That’s when it became clear to me that all of this post-partisan talk and working down the middle and working together was a ruse.”

Note: This was the same meeting that Barack Obama attacked Rush Limbaugh and told Republicans after listening to their ideas, “I won. I can trump you on that.”
Maybe Obama forgot about that?…
Or, maybe that’s what he means by reaching out to the minority?

Face it, President Obama- You made this bed:

You can lie in it.

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