Pakistan Agrees to Islamic Law in Swat Valley

The Pakistani government folded to extremists and signed legislation to allow Shariah Law in the Swat Valley.
The law will strip women of their rights in the turbulent region.

Expect to see more of this…
The Taliban recently flogged a 17 year-old girl in public in the Swat region.
Sharia law was introduced after the government reached a truce with the Taliban in February. The girl was reportedly seen in public with a man who was not her husband, a serious crime according to the Taliban.

For her punishment they whipped her 34 times:
(Warning- Violent)

The Taliban said she got off easy.
They say they could have stoned her for the “crime.”


Breitbart reported on today’s agreement:

Under pressure from lawmakers including members of his own party, Pakistan’s president on Monday signed a regulation that puts a northwest valley under Islamic law to achieve peace with Taliban militants who have brutalized the area.

Meanwhile, authorities announced the arrest of a fifth suspect in the deadly siege of the Indian city of Mumbai last year.

The provincial government in northwestern Pakistan agreed in February to impose Islamic law in the Swat Valley and surrounding areas in exchange for a cease-fire with the local Taliban.

Western and Pakistani critics say the agreement represents a dangerous surrender to extremists behind a campaign of terrorism in the Swat Valley and more broadly across the border region with Afghanistan.

Amid the criticism, Zardari delayed signing the agreement.

His official stance was that he wouldn’t sign until peace is achieved in the area—but he never defined what that means. The delay led a hard-line cleric mediating the agreement to leave Swat in anger last week while also upsetting lawmakers from the region.

The winning parties in last year’s Pakistani elections vowed to hold talks with the Taliban.
Now there is Sharia law in Swat.

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