Official Iranian News Agency Claims Holocaust a Hoax

It’s not just Ahmadinejad— The official Iranian News Agency is now publishing articles that claim the Holocaust was a hoax.

This is just sick.
The official Iranian Republic News Agency today claims that the Holocaust word was exploited by Zionists to establish a regime by building on the false claim that over six million Jews had been killed in Auschwitz ovens:

By: Hamid Esmaili) Tehran, April 21, IRNA — Holocaust forms the backbone of founding Israel in the Middle East at the expense of making millions of Palestinians displaced from their homeland and collecting homeless Jewish people from across the world in Holy land of Palestine.

Holocaust, from any angle, is the most significant excuse used by the Zionists’ godfather, Theodore Herzel, and his comrades to justify their efforts to set up a Zionist system by zooming on the topic and even by distorting historical facts through making frequent references to forged names and non-existing places.

They founded their claims on the fact that Prophet David and his dynasty ruled the ancient land of Kan’an for some 76 years and used this to prove that the territory belonged to Zionists. In the midst of all this, another fact was neglected: that the land of Palestine had been in possession of Arabs for over four thousands years after that.

Many linguists believe that the word holocaust, which is a Greek word — holo means all and caust meaning “to burn to ashes”, was originally coined to refer to a criminal incident in ancient Yemen committed by Jews who burnt alive a large group of chained and handcuffed men, women and children for their adherence to teachings the Jesus Christ (PBUH).

However, the bitter historical irony is that the word was later exploited by Zionists to establish a regime by building on the false claim that over six million Jews had been killed in Auschwitz ovens, thus triggering the sympathy of the western people. They embarked on a relentless campaign, producing tens of films, publishing thousands of books and research works to win the sympathy of western public opinion particularly that of Europe to drive a nation which enjoyed a rich and old civilization and culture out of its homeland.

From among all so-called death camps in Europe which mainly concentrated in Poland, Auschwitz is the most famous one so the Zionists focused all their documentation on the place and made up many horrifying tales every single of which makes the hair stand on end.

…The world-famous holocaust denier, Professor Robert Faurisson, is one of those people who once in a time irritates the Zionist regime’s puppets by his remarks.

He denies the overall incident of burning Jews into ashes by the Nazi Germans. In his latest remarks, he questions the very existence of any gas chambers in Auschwitz, describing the claim as a big lie. However, he believes there is still another more dangerous, bigger lie which claims the gas chambers were constructed later on after the end of the war, or that the existing building was one similar to the original one which is not constructed in as good shape as the first, or still that the gas chambers went under reconstruction projects after the end of the second world war.

He believes many efforts were undertaken after the war to re-make Auschwitz to make resemble a death camp, to create the false impression that it was exclusively used as a place to kill Jews while the whole project was more of a construction attempt rather than a reconstruction plan.

He mentions documents which were never published publicly, adding: “I got plans of the four crematoria chambers in Auschwitz and Birkenau which lacked any openings in their roofs. “At a single one of these crematoria, although it is in ruins, is it today possible to go and examine the room said to have been a gas chamber and is the presumed scene of the crime …We are told that, in order to kill the Jewish detainees locked inside, an SS man, moving about on the concrete roof of the said gas chamber, poured Zyklon-B pellets through four regular openings situated in the roof.

However, one need only have eyes to realize that no such openings have ever existed there. Therefore such a crime cannot have been committed.”

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel…
Israel began marking Holocaust Remembrance Day at sundown on Monday with a ceremony at the national memorial to the six million Jews killed by the Nazis during World War II.

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