Obama Signs Youth Brigades Bill… Will Increase Troop Force to 250,000

It may be the worst economy since the Great Depression but some things just could not wait. Obama signed his controversial Youth Brigades Bill on Tuesday. The bill increases troop force from 70,000 to 250,000.
McClatchy reported:

At a bill-signing ceremony at a public boarding school for disadvantaged youth before he headed off to a tree-planting project, Obama told Americans, “We need your service right now at this moment in history,” and asked people to “stand up and play your part” and “put your shoulder up against the wheel.”

In March the Senate voted to allow ACORN funding in the Youth Brigades Bill.

Here comes the Obama youth.
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Obama mentioned this during the campaign:

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Blatant Reality has more on the bill and argues that religious and free speech rights will be hampered if you take part:

It seems from the current, signed version that the writers of the bill tried to tone it down for the version reported earlier in March. For example, they rephrased “A participant in an approved national service position under this subtitle may not engage in the following activities” in Sec 125 (a) to read “An approved national service position under this subtitle may not be used for the following activities” in Sec 132 (a) of the new version. In conjunction with this, they also added the phrase “consistent with section 132″ to the end of Sec 132 (a)(1) which didn’t appear in the original version.

Now, I don’t know how the new phrasing will affect what those participating in the “National Service Trust Program” but it still seems to me that religious and free speech rights will be greatly hampered if you take part.

Takekaze wonders if we can finally start saying, “Heil Obama”?

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