Obama Bundles $200 Million for Palestinians in Emergency Iraq-Afghanistan Bill

The latest Iraq-Afghanistan supplemental includes $200 million for the Palestinian Authority.
Mere Rhetoric discovered this at Budget Insight:

President Obama released his FY 2009 supplemental request… asking for $83.4 billion to fund ongoing military, diplomatic and foreign assistance activities… There are programs included in this supplemental request that could otherwise be funded in the base budget. Some of the major items requested in this supplemental are long-term acquisition programs that are not directly related to ongoing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan…
* $600 million to purchase four new F-22 fighter jets;
* $400 million for a new Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capabilities Fund;
* $3.6 billion to train and equip Afghanistan Security Forces;
* $806.2 million to upgrade the U.S. diplomatic facilities in Pakistan; and
* $200 million for budget support to the Palestinian Authority.

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