Napolitano Unsure if Al Qaeda Or Right Wing Terrorists Bigger Threat to America (Interview)

That DHS right wing terrorist memo was no accident.

Verum Serum dug this up from a Wolf Blitzer interview last month with Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano:

BLITZER: And so do you still consider the United States be engaged in the war on terror?

NAPOLITANO: I consider the United States, yes, to be very engaged in and working with our international partners and others in preventing terrorist acts from occurring.

BLITZER: Is it a bigger threat from your perspective and other [ed. – another?] al Qaeda and foreign related terror attack against the United States or domestic terrorism along the lines of an Oklahoma City bombing?

NAPOLITANO: That’s difficult to say because both are risks that are with us and will be with us and so what the American people need to know is that the Department of Homeland Security, as the secretary of Homeland Security, we’re thinking all the time about these issues. We’re working all these times on what we can do realistically to prevent, to interfere but also to prepare should something happen.

Verum Serum has more.

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