Muslim Mob Grabs Christian Women From Their Homes, Drags Them Through the Streets & Breaks Their Teeth

Hopefully, these were not the moderates Barack and Joe Biden were talking about.
A Pakistani Muslim mob recently grabbed Christian women from their homes, dragged them through the streets, and broke their teeth.
Via Report on Arrakis:

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Noor Husain, the father of a Muslim woman who eloped with a Christian man, led a mob of his neighbors and friends in an attack on his village’s only church in Pakistan’s Punjab province. After desecrating the church, the men forced their way into Christian homes, dragged out the women, and paraded them forcefully on the streets.

The assault, which occurred several months ago, so terrified the Christian community that 21 families fled, leaving only four Christian families who are still in the village.

“Petrified Christians locked their homes and fled to their relatives, living in other villages and cities, to save their lives,” said Ashraf Masih, a Christian resident who has remained in the village.


Several Christians were injured, including two women whose teeth were broken.

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