Karl Rove: "I Met This Guy, Little Pinch Sulzberger. He Is an Elitist, Effete Snob" (Video)

“I thought Pinch Sulzberger was right to worry about whay he had to sell his building and his stock is in the toilet, and I’m glad it is… Look I’m from Texas. You take a New York liberal. I met this guy, little Pinch Sulzberger. He is a elitist, effete snob who thinks he know better than the rest of America and has views that are distinctly outside the mainstream of what America is all about.”

Karl Rove
On Elitist, Effete Snob Pinch Sulzberger
The O’Reilly Factor
April 27, 2009

Karl Rove challenges Pinch Sulzberger’s manhood:

I beleive it’s safe to say Karl Rove does not care much for elitist, effete Pinch Sulzberger.

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