Joe Biden Warns Israel Not to Attack Iran

Are we looking at the death of Israel?
This is very disturbing news…

In a CNN interview, Joe Biden warned Israel not to attack Iran.
V-P Biden must be under the delusion that the US is making headway with the terrible Iranian regime– the same regime that is responsible for the death of 170 or more US troops in Iraq.

Team Obama warned Israel to take the military option off the table.
The LA Times reported:

Vice President Joe Biden issued a high-level admonishment to Israel’s new government Tuesday that it would be “ill advised” to launch a military strike against Iran.

Biden said in a CNN interview that he does not believe newly installed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would take such a step. Even so, his comment underscored a gap between the conservative new Israeli government and the Obama White House on a series of questions, including the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and Iran.

While the Obama administration has made a series of recent overtures to Tehran, the Israelis have grown more confrontational out of concern that the Islamic Republic’s increasing nuclear know-how could one day become an existential threat.

Netanyahu signaled several times during his election campaign that he would not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. “I promise that if I am elected, Iran will not acquire nuclear arms,” he said in one appearance, “and this implies everything necessary to carry this out.”

UPDATE: The Iranian regime loved this news:

Iranian Fars News Agency was overjoyed to report this news today.


The Iranian regime announced yesterday that it will have some good news to share on “National Nuclear Day” which is Thursday.

More… Haaretz reported today that the Obama team is readying for a confrontation with our ally Israel.

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