Idiot UK MP Jokes About Killing Miss California Carrie Prejean (Video)

Alan Duncan said he wants to be Home Secretary of Great Britain.
Then he joked about killing Miss California Carrie Prejean:

This is called a career-ender.

Alan Duncan is a member of the Tory Party.
The Sun reported:

Shadow leader of the House of Commons Alan Duncan was appearing on BBC comedy show “Have I Got News For You” when he made the gaffe.

Mr Duncan, who had earlier in the show revealed his ambition to become Home Secretary, was discussing American Beauty Queen Carrie Prejean’s belief that same sex marriages were wrong.

And the MP called her a “silly b***h” and said “If you read that Miss California is murdered you will know it was me”.

The comment has provoked outrage among viewers with complaints being filed with the BBC and the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The Rev George Hargreaves, leader of the Christian Party said today “Mr Duncan has crossed the line. A senior politician suggesting, even as a joke, that it is OK that Ms. Prejean should be murdered for her Evangelical Christian views is totally unacceptable.

Hat Tip Tom W.

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