Gingrich On Obama: "It's Very Dangerous Having a Fantasy Foreign Policy" (Video)

Barack Obama, the anti-Reagan, pushed his “Strength Through Weakness” plan today in the Czech Republic the same day that North Korea with the Iranian regime’s help just shot a missile over Japan into the Pacific.

Later today on FOX News Newt Gingrich warned about Barack Obama’s unrealistic and dangerous “fantasy foreign policy”:

Once again, Newt nails it.
Here’s the transcript:

GINGRICH: The president’s in a world where Hamas is firing missiles every day into Israel, Iran is building nuclear weapons, and the North Koreans today during — basically during his speech fired a missile, and he has some wonderful fantasy idea that we’re going to have a great meeting next year… I just think that it’s very dangerous to have a fantasy foreign policy, and it can get you in enormous trouble.

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