Get Ready For the Tax Day Tea Party Protests

Enough is Enough…
Get ready for the Tax Day Tea Party Protests.
Freedom Works put together this map and information on the Tax Day Tea Party Protests:

Via Michelle Malkin.

Tax Day Tea Party website has more information.

Sean Hannity announced this week that he will attend the Atlanta Tea Party Protest at the state capital. Dick Armey will also attend.


Newt Gingrich will attend the New York Tea Party Protest.

The St. Louis Tea Party Protest will be held at Keiner Plaza at the corner of Market and Broadway.
Hennessey’s View has more information.
The Facebook page is here.
Local radio host Dana Loesch is also helping with the St. Louis protest.

Over 300 cities are confirmed for the Tax Day protests.

More… Don’t miss this. Glenn Reynolds has terrific video on the upcoming protests.

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