Dictators Line Up For More Obama Apologies… Chavez Wants US Apology to Japan

Barack Obama opened the floodgates… The apology floodgates.
After the president’s grand apologies to Europe and Turkey for liberating Iraq from the evil Saddam regime and for not listening, everybody wants an apology.

Hugo Chavez wants the US to apologize to Japan.
Iran Press TV reported, via LGF:

Venezuela’s President, praising Obama’s promise to free the world from nuclear weapons, calls for US apology to Japan over nuking the country.

“It is very encouraging that the president of the United States called for the end of, and the destruction of, nuclear arms in the world,” Hugo Chavez told reporters in Tokyo, where he signed an investment deal with Japan.

“Obama launched a missile — an Obama missile,” he added, according to AFP.

Earlier on Sunday at an EU summit in Prague, the US President Barack Obama vowed to lead the quest for a world free from nuclear weapons.

Obama’s call to cut stockpiles, restrict testing, cut back on fissile production and to secure loose nuclear material, comes at a time when the US still possesses the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

The US is “the planet’s number one nuclear power. It is also the only country in the world that dropped the atomic bomb,” Chavez said.

“At any rate, I think America should apologize to Japan.”

Yesterday, Castro told a group of Far Left democrats that he wants an apology.


And, of course, Iran wants an apology too.

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