Dem Congressman Admits: "Cap & Trade Is a Great Big Tax" (Video)

Uh-Oh… Democratic Congressman John Dingell admitted today at a Congressional hearing on global warming that cap and trade is a tax– a Great Big tax!

Via Breitbart
Al Gore is a partner with a firm that will make millions from cap and trade legislation.

Despite the crumbling case for global warming the Obama Administration plans on moving ahead with expensive cap and trade legislation that Obama admits will cause energy costs to skyrocket. The initiative will cost American families $700 to $1,400 dollars each year.
…Just the thing America needs during recession.

Oh, and cap and trade has failed in Europe.


More… Newt Gingrich added today that the democratic climate bill will punish Americans.
Newt’s speech to Congress today is posted at Liveleak here.

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