The Death of America– Only 53% of US Say Capitalism Beats Socialism

So Long USA… Hello USSA

Rejoice comrades!
Congratulations to the liberal media, Hollywood, our fine liberal educational institutions, Democrats, and Commie lovers everywhere!

(Colorado Right)
The glorious day you have been waiting for is near.
Only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism.
This is despite recent warnings from Russia and China.
Rasmussen reported:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 20% disagree and say socialism is better. Twenty-seven percent (27%) are not sure which is better.

Adults under 30 are essentially evenly divided: 37% prefer capitalism, 33% socialism, and 30% are undecided. Thirty-somethings are a bit more supportive of the free-enterprise approach with 49% for capitalism and 26% for socialism. Adults over 40 strongly favor capitalism, and just 13% of those older Americans believe socialism is better.

There is a partisan gap as well. Republicans – by an 11-to-1 margin – favor capitalism. Democrats are much more closely divided: Just 39% say capitalism is better while 30% prefer socialism. As for those not affiliated with either major political party, 48% say capitalism is best, and 21% opt for socialism.

Of course, only 1 in 3 democrats believe in capitalism.
That’s a shock.

Related Irony… The same bloggers pushing this socialism are whining about not getting paid for their efforts.

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