Change?… Iranian Protesters Chant "Death to Obama" & Torch His Photos

Weren’t they were supposed to like us now?

Iranian hardliner protesters chant “Death to Obama” at a protest in Tehran on Thursday. (ISNA photo)

Iran Press News reported:

Slogans of “Death to Obama” in demonstrations around Tehran

Russian News Agency Ria Novosti reports: A group of students from various Universities around Tehran gathered in front of the former U.S. embassy, on Thrusday, April 9th to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the severance of ties between Iran and the United States.

Fars News reported that the students chanted:

• “Death to Obama”
• “Death to American change”
• “An aware student loathes Obama”
• “American change, American trick”
• “Death to collaborators”
• “Islam is the vancquer, the west is the vanquished”
• “United States, number one enemy of the down-trodden of the world”

During the demonstrations photos of Obama and Israeli authorities were set on fire.

Barack Obama is torched in Tehran (ISNA)

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