CHANGE!… Illinois Snags 1 Out of 9 Stimulus Dollars For Road/Bridge Projects

As expected, it looks like Illinois will see a surge in federal dollars during the Obama years.
The Land of Lincoln has landed one out of nine federal Stimulus dollars for road and bridge projects.
Chicago Business reported, via Drudge:

Illinois is getting a jump on the federal stimulus program, claiming more than 12% of the road and bridge projects approved so far by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

At a televised appearance Monday before about 50 DOT employees, President Barack Obama announced that 2,000 projects nationwide had been approved by the agency since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act became law Feb. 17.

Sam O. probably said it best as the first commenter on this article at the Chicago Business website:

The payoff continues. I for one am thrilled that I’m personally helping with the infrastructure in a state I never visit. I’m sure the handful of Illinois tax payers will be a generous to my state. I figure the leftwing/Obama propaganda machine, our wonderful failing new media industry, will spend plenty of time focusing on Bush, Bush and more Bush, Chaney and any Republican as well as any other issues to hide the corruption of their guy’s. The partisan hacks that completely dominate their media will find a way to convince the ignorant masses….primarly “The One’s” constituents…the people, the legal ones also, that need help voting and finding their behinds I suppose….that a totally out of power Republican House and Senate are still to blame for every problem in their sorry lives. The leftist control everything and are the ones honest historians will hold responsible for tanking this once great county.

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