Blanked Again… Dems Get No GOP Votes On Another Record Spending Bill

Dems Pass Record Spending Bill… Without One Single GOP Vote!

Once again, NOT ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN in the US House of Representatives voted for the latest record spending bill, the 3.4 trillion dollars budget for 2010, that passed today:

Democrats lost 17 votes to the GOP.

Likewise, NOT ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted for the this record and irresponsible spending bill in the US Senate.


Despite a recession and soaring budget deficits, Democrats overwhelmingly endorsed Obama’s request for hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending. The legislation will also allow democrats to use a powerful procedural tool known as reconciliation to advance the Obama’s plan for socialized healthcare without fear of a Republican filibuster.

Obama and the Dems have made their bed.
They own it now:

Let them lie in it.

President Thin-Skin won’t like this one bit.

House Dems Pass Generational Theft Act Without a Single GOP Vote
House Dems Pass Historic Obama Budget Without Single GOP Vote
President Cry Baby Whines That Republicans Won’t Vote For His Record Spending Bills (Video)

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