Barack Obama at 100 Day Presser: "Waterboarding Is Torture"

ABC Reporter Jake Tapper asked President Obama tonight if the previous administration used torture:

President Obama answered: We could have gotten this information in other ways.
…How exactly?… And, how does he know this?

Obama did not answer the question directly about the Bush Administration.
He used Great Britain in World War II as an example of a country that did not torture.

Maybe he forgot about these German prisoners at Bad Nenndorf, near Hanover:

For almost 60 years, the evidence of Britain’s clandestine torture programme in postwar Germany has lain hidden in the government’s files. Harrowing photographs of young men who had survived being systematically starved, as well as beaten, deprived of sleep and exposed to extreme cold, were considered too shocking to be seen.

Obama then declared that, “Waterboarding is torture.”
The Bush Administration used the technique on 3 top level Al-Qaeda terrorists.
However, Obama did not say whether he will demand that our military stop using this “torture” technique during SERE training.

More… Bill O’Reilly corrected the president on British interrogation: “The British use very intense interrogation techniques on terrorists.”


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