Al-Qaeda Was Targeting Trendy "Birdcage" Nightclub In Easter Attack

Al-Qaeda terrorists were planning on bombing Manchester shopping malls and The Birdcage nightclub this Easter weekend.
The Daily Star reported:

BRITAIN was just “10 days from disaster’’ when police swooped on terror suspects allegedly plotting to blow up shoppers and young partygoers.

Evil al-Qaida bombers were ready to unleash the UK’s bloodiest ever attack with a series of bombs near the home of Manchester United, security sources confirmed last night.

The gang had targeted three shopping centres – including one close to United’s Old Trafford stadium – for a horror assault on “western hedonism”.

And they planned to blow up the city’s trendy Birdcage nightclub, often packed with celebrities including the champions’ star striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Police realised the terrorists were about to strike after unearthing coded emails and internet chat.

The Birdcage released a statement on its website today:

We would like to reassure all of our customers by drawing your attention to a statement made by Greater Manchester Chief Constable Peter Fahy.

“Clearly, there’s been some speculation about certain locations, particularly in the North West, concerning this investigation… There is no particular threat against any particular location and certainly not the ones mentioned in the media… I would like to say I would have no hesitation, or any of my family, in using any of those locations that have been mentioned.”

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