After Firing CEO– Government Tells GM to Prepare For Bankruptcy

After firing the CEO of General Motors and taking over the corporation and warrantees two weeks ago Team Obama told GM to prepare for bankruptcy by June 1st.
The AFP reported:

The US Treasury Department has told General Motors to make all necessary preparations for a possible bankruptcy filing by June 1, even though the troubled automaker insists it can restructure its business on its own, The New York Times reported.

Citing unnamed people “with knowledge of the plans,” the newspaper said the instructions had been conveyed by members of President Barack Obama?s automotive task force, who spent last week in meetings and on conference calls with GM in Detroit and Washington.

The talks are expected to continue this week, the report said.

According to the paper, the goal is to prepare GM for a fast “surgical” bankruptcy.

The automaker already has been granted 13.4 billion dollars in federal aid, and its managers are insisting the company’s image should not be damaged.

Well, that was a waste of $13.4 billion.

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