Obama Wants His Historic $3.6 Trillion Budget To Put America On Road to Prosperity

Sorry, Barack.
We’re not getting the connection.
Hew exactly does blowing $3.6 billion put America on the road to prosperity again?
FOX News reported:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday accused critics of his $3.6 trillion budget proposal of taking a “just say no” approach to his plan and offering few ideas of their own.

Obama spoke after meeting with two key lawmakers who will play a key role as Capitol Hill begins to debate the fiscal 2010 budget plan.

“If there are members of Congress who object to specific policies and proposals in this budget then I ask them to be ready and willing to propose constructive alternative solutions,” Obama said. “‘Just say no’ is the right advice to give your teenagers about drugs. It is not an acceptable response to whatever economic policies are proposed by the other party.”

Obama, after dealing with blowback from revelations that bailed-out AIG would be doling out millions in bonuses, was trying to get back to the business of promoting his sweeping budget proposal Tuesday. He defended it as a blueprint for “real growth and real prosperity” and said now is not the time for “political tactics.”

“The American people sent us here to get things done,” he said. “Let’s pass a budget that puts this nation on a road to lasting prosperity.”

Jules Crittenden sees a quagmire.

More… It looks like the wheels are falling off Obama’s “bet the farm” economic plans.

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