Obama Reaches Out to Iranian Regime… Iran Says Try Harder

Barack Obama reached out to the regime in Iran yesterday with an internet message.
Unfortunately for the Iranian people who are persecuted daily by the Khameneist thugs, President Obama is unable to differentiate between the people of Iran who want freedom and the murderous regime officials who control their lives. Obama must believe they are one in the same… Hence, one blanket message to the people and the regime.
How sad.
Obviously, this is a different approach than the Bush Administration. George Bush made it an effort to communicate with global dissidents and not dangerous regimes.

Today, the Iranian regime told Obama he must try a little harder.
The BBC reported:

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has demanded concrete policy changes from the US as the price for new relations between the two states.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said he had seen no change in America’s attitude or policy, singling out US support for Israel and sanctions against Iran.

But he also said that if President Barack Obama altered the US position, Iran was prepared to follow suit.

President Obama on Thursday offered “a new beginning” in relations with Iran.

He made the offer in a video message to Iran’s leaders and people seen as a dramatic break with the approach of George W Bush’s administration.

Relations between Iran and the US have been strained over Tehran’s nuclear activities.

BBC Iranian affairs analyst Sadeq Saba says that a minimum requirement for Iran would be a move by Washington to ease US sanctions.

UPDATE: Claudia Rosett adds this on Obama’s speech to the Iranians:


Had Obama limited his salutation to the people of Iran, fair enough. But he blew right past them when he also addressed “the leaders” — who are apparently to be included in the new Iranian happy land he envisions. How does that compute? The folks ruling Iran are not exactly leaders. They are messianic and ruthless rulers. They are subscribers to a totalitarian system that leads the world in juvenile executions. They train and support terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, which teach children to aspire to the “opportunity” to become suicide bombers. Their idea of peace and community progress does not extend to a world in which anyone disagrees with their edicts…

Obama in his message to the mullahs, mentions, delicately, that “For nearly three decades relations between our nations have been strained.” … Well, yes. Years of Iranian-backed terrorist guns and bombs killing Americans and our allies have put a strain on the relationship.

Will Iran’s top tyrant Ali Khameini and his crew call off their secret police, international terrorist operations, missile projects, nuclear program, thug-state alliances and messianic Islamist campaign because Khamenei tunes in to Twitter and discovers that Obama has just wished him a happy new year?

More likely they will conclude that Obama’s “Reset” is working neatly in their favor, and they may with greater impunity proceed on their course of “Death to Israel! Death to America!”

Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi

The regime in Iran killed a blogger this week.
Obama must have missed that.

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