Indiria Gandhi's Grandson Faces Charges For Hate Speech (Video)

The grandson of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi faces hate crime charges for vowing to “cut the heads off Muslims” during a political speech.
ANI reported on the scandal:

The actual footage of his anti-Muslim remarks is here.

Varum Gandhi also said that if you came across a Muslim at night, you would be scared.
The Daily Times reported:

The grandson of former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi faced criminal charges on Tuesday for allegedly inciting violence against Muslims during a campaign for next month’s general elections.

Varun Gandhi reportedly told a rally that his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would ‘cut the heads of Muslims’. According to footage aired by the NDTV news channel, Varun also said Muslims ‘have scary names like Karimullah, Mazullah’ and that ‘if you meet them at night you will be scared’.

But the BJP tried to distance itself from the remarks and a BJP official said party leaders were debating whether to punish Varun, AP reported. “All the Hindus stay on this side and send the others to Pakistan,” Varun had said in the video. “This is the Lotus hand,” he said, referring to the BJP’s symbol. “It will cut their throats after elections.”


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