Hillary Clinton Claims Iran Is Interested In Securing Afghanistan

Change. Democrats are so filled with hate for George Bush that they still are thinking up crazy conspiracy theories of assassination rings to blame on him. They airbrushed “The War on T—–“ from their language. They blame conservatives for abuse as they weep for Gitmo inmates and not the US soldiers they killed.

But, when it comes to a Jew-hating terror regime like Iran, they see a partner and a friend. Hillary Clinton told reporters on Monday that Iran is interested in securing Afghanistan.
Iranian Mehr News reported:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that Tehran has an interest in securing Afghanistan as Iran is flooded with huge drug flow from its eastern neighbor.

Clinton made the remarks aboard her plane en route to The Hague to attend the international conference on Afghanistan which opened on Tuesday. Iran is also participating in the conference.

“From our information, they are really concerned about all the narcotics crossing the border into their country,” Clinton averred.

Hundreds of Iranian soldiers have been killed in the fight against drug traffickers over the years.

“This is a matter of their own internal security. . . . I would imagine that’s an area where they are willing to work with others,” the Los Angeles Times quoted Clinton as saying.

The US has already found Iranian bombs in Afghanistan in the hands of terrorists. For years the regime smuggled bombs into Iraq to kill US soldiers.
Do democrats really believe that they want to help secure Afghanistan?

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