Eric Cantor Tells Obama to Focus On Economy Instead of Cap & Trade Schemes

** The Obama stock market had its worst January in 113 years.
** The stock market had its worst February since 1933.
** The Dow has dropped faster under Obama than any other new president in 90 years.
** Actually, the stock market has turned in its worst performance ever for a new president under Barack Obama.

As the economy continues to sink under the Democrat’s radical tax and spend policies President Obama is instead focusing on nationalizing healthcare, creating an expensive cap and trade energy policy, and holding peace talks with the Taliban.

Today House Minority Whip told Obama to deal with the economy and quit wasting his time and energy on his socialist agenda.
The Hill reported:


House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) seized on the opportunity to criticize the president Tuesday for over-reaching in his first 50 days on the job.

Following the GOP’s weekly conference meeting, the second-ranking House Republican told reporters that President Obama should be focusing on the “economic crisis,” as opposed to holding four-hour meetings on healthcare, as the president did last week. The efforts may be laudable, Cantor said, but the White House should be devoting all resources to fixing the economy and not to “impose these cap-and-trade schemes.”

At the end of the day, we are in an economic emergency. Economists are saying that there’s a 30 percent likelihood that we’re going to be in a depression,” Cantor said. “My goodness, we do have an emergency, and we oughta say, look, priority No. 1 is to create jobs.”

Well said, Rep. Cantor.
Hopefully, Obama will listen.
But, we doubt it.

UPDATE: It looks like Eric Cantor made Team Obama’s enemies list.

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