Dem's War on Small Business May Cause 14% to Fail In Next Year

Talk about a crisis…
14% of small businesses fear they are going to close their doors in the next 12 months because of Democratic policies.
And, it could be even worse than that.

In the 2.3 trillion dollars Democrat spent to stimulate the economy not one dime has gone to small businesses so far.
100% of that 2.3 trillion dollars so far has gone to the top 1% of American companies.
Small businesses are, of course, the engine of the economy.
Small businesses have been virtually ignored by the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress (they aren’t big Dem donors). As a result of the crisis, 14% of small businesses are likely to shut their doors in the next year.

Glenn Beck discussed this crisis today with Lloyd Chapman from the American Small Business Association:

Here’s more:

** 97% of all new jobs are created by small businesses.
** 70% of our economy is created by small businesses.
** Small business people are the ones who make around $250,000 per year, in that area.

If 14% of small businesses closed their doors this year it would be an absolute disaster.

Related… Already this year Obama signed legislation that discriminates against 84 percent of U.S. construction workers who choose not to join a labor union. The companies they work for will not be allowed to bid on government jobs.

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