CNBC’s Cramer on Obama: ‘It’s Amateur Hour at Our Darkest Moment’ (Video) …Update: White House Responds

“Until they realize that their agenda is destroying the life savings of millions of Americans, then all I can give you is caution… I’m not saying Mr. President go stare at the Bloomberg quote machine and come to your senses. I just want some sign that Obama realizes the market is totally falling apart and that his agenda has a big hand in that happening. I don’t know about you but I felt it everywhere I went this weekend… A young kid took me aside. He said I was right when I said we’ve elected a Leninist… I felt the total lack of control we all feel right now, the, “It’s out of my hands but where’s the authority?” The, “Hey it’s amateur hour at our darkest moment.”

Jim Kramer
CNBC host of “Mad Money”
March 3, 2009

Jim Cramer at CNBC lambastes the Obama economic disaster:

Obama has already cost America more than the 9-11 attacks.

The Weekly Standard Blog adds this: “The most effective Obama critics are Charles Dow and Edward Jones.”

UPDATE: White House Spokesman Robert Gibbs responded to Cramer later today with his typical tact:

“If you turn on a certain program it’s geared to a very small audience. No offense to my good friends, or friend at CNBC. But the President has to look out for the broader economy and the broader population.”

Nice job, Robert.
…Attack the NBC host for his audience size.

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