Charlie Rangel Caught on Tape: “Why Don’t You Mind Your Godd*mned Business?”

Jason Mattera goes to Capital Hill.
You’ve seen Jason corner smear merchants Jack Murtha and John Kerry, ask William “Cold Cash” Jefferson for bribe-freezing tips. You’ve seen him take on Alan Colmes and roam the Democrat National Convention in an orange Gitmo suit exposing Far Left insanity.

This time Jason cornered Rep. Charlie “tax cheat” Rangel:

Rangel’s response to the citizen journalist:

“Why don’t you mind your goddamned business?”

Hah. Another classy response from a corruptocrat.
We’re all schocked.


UPDATE: Here’s another classy democrat, Alderman Ricardo Munoz from Chicago, telling a constituent to, “Get the F*** out of my office!”
Hat Tip EL Rider

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