Right.org Announces $27,599 Anti-Bailout Video Contest

ATTENTION FILMMAKERS: Right.org Announces $27,599 Anti-Bailout Video Contest:

February 20, 2009– Right.org, a new grassroots website calling on Congress to do what’s right and stop bailouts, has announced a video contest asking Americans to speak out against the bailouts. The winning submission will be awarded $27,599—one American’s share of the bailout burden. The contest also offers a second-place prize of $2,759 and five runner-up prizes of $275 Apple Store gift certificates.

Videos must be thirty seconds or less and should persuade their viewers to oppose the bailouts. Videos can be humorous, educational, and/or satirical. Above all, they ought to be creative. Submissions will be accepted between February 23 and May 25. Winners will be announced in June after selection by a panel of judges, who will choose from among the forty most-watched entries.

And, here is the new ad from American Issues Project reminding you just how much money the Democrats blew on their pork-bloated Spendulus Bill:

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