RICK SANTELLI ERUPTS… Rips Up Obama Mortgage Bailout Plan

Rick’s Revolution– Let the Tea Party Begin!

Rick Santelli erupted on The Kudlow Report– He ripped up and tossed the Obama bailout plan on national TV.
Great stuff, Rick!
Click photo for the video:

Larry Kudlow was also upset with the way Team Obama was handling the criticism.
It’s as if they’re acting like a bunch of Chicago thugs. Imagine that?

More Rick-mania…. Mr. Santelli Takes on Washington


Dan Riehl adds this on the Team O’s thin skin:

…we’re seeing a WH that looks like it’s being run more like a Chicago Ward, than the house that most presidents lived in. This is about attacking everyone and everything that opposes you. In the end, it demeans the office and raises serious concerns as to whether these people can be trusted with the power they now have.

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