Oh My!… Maxine "Crackpot" Waters Loses It on Bankers– Told to Calm Down

Crackpot Rep. Maxine Waters Told to Calm Down By Fellow Democrat–
Maxine Waters lost it at the bankers hearing in the House today.
Free Republic has the blow by blow:

Democrat Maxine Waters just had a psychotic break during the House grilling of top bank CEOs regarding what happened to the $ 350B they got but somehow never made it to customers.

Maxine — never the calmest of souls — got on an incomprehensible tear and, her voice rising and becoming a low-level screech, began accusing the CEOs assembled of piracy, lying, and gross abuse of bank customers. She lit into a litany of every Leftist Lunatic grudge against capitalism in general and banks in particular. Wild-eyed and shaking, she stopped actually asking these poor guys questions and simply yelled accusations at them, telling them to “raise your hands” if they pled guilty. No one could get a word in edgewise. Finally, as Maxine reached the level of Howard Dean screaming at his audience, the chair interrupted and tried to get her to stop self-destructing on TV. Maxine ignored him and kept her screechfest going. Finally, the chair simply stopped her, telling her that she needed to submit her “questions” to the CEOs after the hearing ended. Moment of stunned silence. Then the grilling continued by another, saner Dem.

Another tasteful display by the party that just sunk $600 million into a “stimulus” bill for Congressional golf carts.
Here’s the video:
(The chairman tells Waters to calm down at around 6:40 seconds.)

And, you wonder why 67% of Americans believe they can do a better job with the economy than Congress and 44% would prefer a random group of people picked from a phone book to the group who is in office today.

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