NY Times Leaks Classified Military Information… Again

The NY Times continues to do what it does best…
Leak classified military information during wartime.

(Are We Lumberjacks)

Yesterday, the Old Gray Lady broke the news that America Special Forces soldiers were training Pakistani troops to fight the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and that the operations were larger and more ambitious than previously acknowledged.
This was a secret, until the NY Times reported it yesterday.
FOX News reported:

U.S. military advisers, mostly Army Special Forces soldiers, are training Pakistani troops in their fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, The New York Times reported Sunday.

The secret U.S. task force provides the Pakistanis with intelligence and advises them on combat tactics, but does not participate in combat itself, the Times reported, citing anonymous U.S. military officials.

Pakistani army officers said last year that the Pentagon had sent 32 Americans to train senior personnel of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in the northwestern part of the country, adjacent to Afghanistan.

On its Web site Sunday, the Times reported that the effort was larger and more ambitious than previously acknowledged, involving more than 70 U.S. advisers, including combat medics, communications experts and other specialists.

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