The Narcissist Spaketh– Obama Speaks to the Sheeple (Press)

President Barack Obama held his first primetime news conference tonight.
Obama says the stimulus is vital to avoid “catastrophe.”
CNN posted the transcript here.

The president contradicted himself several times, gave long-winded answers, dodged questions, and lied about his opponents. The media for the most part were his lapdogs again tonight. You’d think if this really was the worst “financial crisis since the Great Depression” they would have serious, thought out questions for the president. Jake Tapper and Major Garrett were two exceptions.

Helen Thomas asked Obama about the “so-called” terrorists in Pakistan and if he knew of any countries in the Middle East with nukes:

Hmm. Could that be Israel, Helen?… And, your point?
Nothing like a little Jew-bashing to get the leftie juices flowing.


Bill O’Reilly said he was too long-winded and he lost the audience.
…Dear Leader won’t like that. Chances are 70-30 he’ll slam Bill at his next stop in Florida campaigning for his trillion dollar boondoggle.

Michelle Malkin covered Obama’s fear mongering tonight.

Obama contradicted himself several times.
He blamed the “failed policies of the last 8 years” for causing the crisis– That’s not true. Bush had nothing to do with this crisis but don’t expect anyone in the media to confront him on this.

Later in his “speech” (I don’t have the transcript) Obama correctly blamed the crisis on failed lending practices and banks that gave loans to Americans who could not afford them as causing the current recession.

Funny… That puts more blame on Obama than Bush.
Not only did Obama train ACORN workers in his past, but with ACORN, Obama worked against banks who denied mortgage loans to minorities and pushed banks to loosen credit requirements for lending.

On the other hand, President Bush tried to rein in the GSE’s.
President Bush called for reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 17 Times in 2008 alone…
The Democratic Congress ignored the warnings and threatened to filibuster.
And, here we are.

Jules Crittenden says he kissed Mullah a$$.

Legal Insurrection says the press conference was an embarrassment- for the press.

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