McCain Rips Pelosi… Blames Speaker For Massive Boondoggle

I like this maverick.
I really like this maverick.

John McCain ripped Queen Nancy today. He blasted the Speaker for creating such a pork-bloated unacceptable partisan bill that Democrats hope to push on the country:

Via Free Republic.
John McCain today had this to say on the Senate floor:

“I’ll tell you how we got here, Mr. President. We got here here by the Speaker of the House saying, “We won, so we wrote the bill.” That’s not what the years I’ve been here is called bipartisanship. So without the votes of 11 democrats and without the votes of a single Republican the bill emerged from the other body and came over here… The bill was written with negligible input from this side of the aisle.

So what are we up to now? We are up to approximately one trillion dollars… The Congressional Budget Office yesterday said that this legislation would increase employment by the end of the 4th quarter of 2010 by 1.3 million to 3.9 million jobs… I did the math… A 1.2 trillion dollar bill, 3 million jobs, is $923,997 for each job.

…Maybe we should go back to the beginning here.

It’s time to scrap this trillion dollar boodoggle.

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