It's Friday… Obama Moves to Strike Down Another Bush Abortion Law

A year ago Obama told Pastor Rick Warren that he wasn’t sure at what point a baby gets human rights.
It was above above his paygrade:

Not any more.
He suddenly figured it out right after he was elected.

And, again for those of you who missed it…
One of the most outrageous and dishonest campaign websites this year was Obama’s mock “Pro-Life” website paid for by George Soros.

In reality Obama was the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide candidate in the last 35 years. Barack Obama even voted 4 times to support infanticide.

Which brings us to today… Funny how Obama always seems to sneak his abortion legislation in on a Friday.

Today the Obama administration struck down a Bush policy that lets healthcare workers deny services because of moral beliefs.
The Anchoress explains what this new law will mean to healthcare workers.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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