Hypocrisy on Tape… Defeatists Obama & Biden Trash Iraq War

Obama just can’t admit he was dead wrong about Iraq and if he had his way their would have been genocide….
Not that this bothered him.

Yesterday Obama spoke to the troops at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on Iraq and never once mentioned victory.
He did announce that troops would withdraw from Iraq in 2010.
But, what he forgot to tell you was that despite his best efforts our soldiers will come home victorious.

This video shows Obama and Biden’s hypocrisy on Iraq:

From the video: Speaking at Camp Lejeune on February 27, Obama talked about the success in Iraq which he and the Democratic Party tried to undermine continually.


One week ago President Obama also called for 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan to stabilize the situation, yet argued against the same policy in 2007 in Iraq. Yesterday, Obama almost appeared to take credit for the improving situation in Iraq. However, this video of Barack Obama and Joe Biden shows how absolutely wrong they have been at every turn and how they can’t be trusted on foreign policy.

The Beginning Obama clip is Feb 27, 2009
Bush-January 10, 2007
Biden Senate- April 2007
Obama January 2007
Last, Biden spring 2007
Thanks Chris for the reminder.

Here’s another reminder– Obama’s many positions on the surge.

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