Economist Peter Morici Slams Obama's "Arrogant" $3.6 Trillion Economic Plan

3.6 trillion dollars is one out of every four dollars produced in the United States. It’s 25% of the GDP. It’s 2 and a half Californias… We are going from an era where we looked for the private sector to create wealth to where we are looking for the government to orchestrate the economy. Barack Obama says, “The government must lead.” So I take it the private sector is no longer going to decide where investments should go but rather the government is going to decide that we’re going to have a certain kind of energy sector, a certain kind of manufacturing, a certain kind of service sector. That seems to me pretty arrogant.”

Peter Morici
University of Maryland Economist
FOX News
February 27, 2009

Noted University of Maryland economist Peter Morici slammed the Obama Administration’s “arrogant” economic policies today.

Also… How big are the bailouts?
FOX News breaks down the ginormous $3.6 trillion plan:.

By the way, Brian Williams reported:

“If you were to place 3.6 trillion one dollar bills end to end, that line of dollar bills would stretch all the way from Capital Hill all the way to the sun… And, then back to Capital Hill one more time… And, then back to the sun… And, then almost back to Capital Hill.”

I wonder how that would translate in pork rinds?

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