Day 2 of Hillary's Global Hope & Change Tour: Hillary Trashes Christians

Day 1 of Hillary’s Hope and Change Tour- Bashing Bush for the her husband’s failures.

Day 2 of Hillary’s Hope and Change Tour- Bashing Christians for radical Islamic savagery.

The Washington Post reported, via Free Republic:


Clinton, who on Wednesday will travel to Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, told students at Tokyo University that “this is one of the central security challenges we face — as to how to better communicate in a way that gets through the rhetoric and through the demagogy and is heard by people who can make judgments about what we stand for and who we truly are.”

Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question about the “prejudice” in the United States against Muslims because of terrorism, a term she rejected forcefully, pointing to the history of Christians. “I am a Christian,” she said. “Through the centuries we have had many people who have done terrible things in the name of Christianity. They have perverted the religion.”

Some one should ask Hillary about the 12,751 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9-11 and how that compares to Christian savagery during that same time period.

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