Bumbler In Chief In Canada: "It's a Pleasure to Be Here In Iowa"

Maybe he thought he was in one of the northern 57 states ?
Or, maybe he was thinking of Kentucky??
Whatever, the Bumbler in Chief made a great first impression with the Canadians today, via JWF:

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper just started their joint news conference, the first such dual podium event for the new president.

The newness is showing – the president began his remarks with, “It’s a great pleasure to be here in Iowa – Ottawa.”

Obama says “it’s great to be” pretty much anywhere he goes. Iowa was a key battleground state, but also the Jan. 4, 2008 caucus was his first win during the Democratic primary election. It swung his way in November, and a Downtown Des Moines rally on Halloween was one of his last campaign stops before winning the presidency.

Flubbing the name of a location has happened to many politicians, and has happened to the president before.

“Flubbing has happened to many politicians…”
It’s amazing what a pass they give this guy.

And, just think, it wasn’t that long ago that he was calling Prime Minister Harper the President of Canada.

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