Israeli Politicians Picket UNRWA For Inciting Hatred Against Jews (Video)

Yesterday, terrorists launched rockets at Israel from a UNRWA School.
Later Tuesday members of the National Union party, including MK Aryeh Eldad, picketed outside the Jerusalem headquarters of UNRWA, the United Nations Relief Works Agency.

The protesters spoke to reporters reminding them that for the past 60 years UNRWA has been a nest for inciting hatred against Israel and Jews. They teach children to hate Israel and they are collaborating with terrorists. Just yesterday Hamas terrorists launched missiles at Israel from an UNRWA school. The protesters demanded that UNRWA stop being a base for terror and a shelter for terrorists.
Arutz Shiva reported:

Yesterday terrorists launched rockets at Israel from a UNRWA School in Gaza.
The Israeli military responded with an airstrike and found the bodies of two top Hamas terrorists and weapons at the school after investigating.

Today the IDF reported that they uncovered IED’s and boobytrapped Hamas dummies in the Gaza Strip.


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