Israeli Airstrike Kills Another Hamas Leader in Gaza (Video)

Another big fish is dead…
Abu Zakaria al-Jamal, a Hamas commander died of his wounds as Israeli strikes continued over Gaza on Saturday.

Abu Zakaria al-Jamal was the second Hamas leader this week killed in Israeli airstrikes. On Thursday a powerful blast sent Hamas leader Nizar Rayan’s headless body flying out of his Gaza home to the street below.

An Israeli airstrike killed another Hamas leader Abu Zakaria al-Jamal in Gaza on Saturday.
FOX News reported:

An Israeli airstrike Saturday killed a senior Hamas commander, Reuters reported.

Hamas said the airstrike in Gaza killed Abu Zakaria al-Jamal, a senior leader of the armed wing of the militant group.

The Israeli army would only say it carried out a series of air attacks through the night.

Israeli warplanes and gunboats blasted more than two dozen Hamas targets Saturday, including weapons storage facilities, training centers and leaders’ homes as Israel’s offensive against Gaza’s Islamic militant rulers entered a second week.

The Jerusalem Post reported the home of al-Jamal was a target of the raids. He was the third senior Hamas operative to be targeted.

In a strike Friday the Israeli Air Force bombed the house of top Hamas operative Imad Akel. The Israeli military reported hearing secondary blasts at the house, indicating the presence of a stash of weapons and explosives in the home, the Jerusalem Post reported.

On Thursday an Israeli warplane dropped a 2,000-pound bomb on the home of one of Hamas’ top five decision-makers, instantly killing him and 18 others.

Here is more on the dead Hamas leader:


In his radio address President Bush blamed Hamas for instigating the violence in Gaza.

More… Israel dropped leaflets into Northern Gaza on Saturday warning the people to “leave the area immediately” to ensure their safety.
It looks like a ground attack is in the works.

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